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Meet the Percolation Writers!

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Anna LauAnna Lau, PhD

Sr. Medical Writer

Anna enjoys reading, especially about current events, biomedical research, nature, space, art, architecture, history, and economics. She spends most of her vacations checking items off of her state/national parks bucket list, discovering new parks, visiting museums, and eating. The rest of the time, she bakes and tries to fit as many crosswords as possible in between batches of cookies. Someday, she will make time to ski, bowl, and travel more.


HeatherHeather Lasseter, PhD

Medical Writer

Having lived in numerous places around the country, Heather finally settled in North Carolina, where her love of the mountains and ocean can be indulged equally. When not zipping around on her bike, she can be found lost in a book or cooking for her friends and family – the more challenging the recipe, the better. Her interests include all things neuroscience – particularly the underpinnings of learning, memory, motivation, and reward – as well as exploring the local arts and music scene and traveling with her much put-upon cat, Percy.


Alison WagneAlisonr

Medical Writer

Alison transitioned to medical writing from laboratory science recently enough to still have nightmares of forgetting to feed her cell cultures.  She is now enjoying medical writing while still keeping up with the research world. She has a special fondness for anything related to neuroscience/immunology, especially microglia and Parkinson’s disease. In her free time, Alison plays volleyball, attempts to be a runner, and futilely tries to exhaust her border collie. She uses her background in behavioral neuroscience to train her dog to do useful tricks like getting her a drink (work in progress:  stemmed glasses are tricky) and keeping her cats in line (also a work in progress).




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